Mecury Capital’s History — Are we the planet?

With nearly 30 years of recruitment experience, our founders started this man-made planet in 2006.

From a humble beginning where organizations and candidates made comments like

“What company?”
“Never heard of you before.”
“The planet?”

We are now reaching out further than before ‘to boldly go where “our men” has never gone before’.

Where we always were mistaken for the real planet.

We went from informing the public that

“We are not the planet.”

To now

“We are the man-made planet.”

With more than 150 recruiters today, we service clients from New York to London; from Beijing to Dubai; and from Singapore to Tokyo.

Success to us is when most of our new clients are referrals from our existing clients.

Our Recruiters

With over 150 recruiters, we have the expertise to assist you with shortlisting relevant candidates.

Experts in their own industries, they hold Bachelors and Master degrees in the following fields.

* Computer science; from artificial intelligence to programming; from cyber security to cryptography;

* Engineering; from electrical to aviation; from mechanical to civil;

* Banking & Finance; from retail banking to corporate banking;

* Chemistry; from botany to geology; from pharmacology to ecology;

* Analytics; from predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics; from big data analytics to retail analytics;

* Life Sciences; from bioinformatics to biomechanics; from toxicology to immunology;

* Law; from patents to merger & acquisitions; from corporate to practice